Hot Mess

Simontron & Colin

13 DEC 2014

Hot Mess

  If you want to know what Simonotron played last night then look no further.  

Here's how it went down last night. See you at HOTMANAY!
love from Simonotron x   

Line Idle: Woodblocks
Naum Gabo: The Crystal Line
Guiddo and Georges Perin: Gin 'N' Tears
Mary Jane Girls: All Night Long
Rayko: Broadway
Dr Dunks: No P's
Tapper Zukie: Love Dream
Rene & Angela: I'll Be Good (parts 1 and 2)
Raymonde et les Moutards: Y'en a marre! (Jean-Marc Misère discoco edit)
The Gino Fontaine: Revnorev (Pete Herbert remix)
33 1/3 Queen: Disco 4
Herbie Hancock: Rise (Secret Squirrels edit)
Crooked Man: Try Me
Cowboy Rhythmbox: We Got The Box
Blondie: Rapture (Wolf & Lamb edit)
Chris E Pants: 1981 (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco mix)
Playgroup: Front 2 Back
Koko edits B1
La Bionda: I Wanna Be Your Lover (Pontchartrain edit)
The Juan MacLean: You Are My Destiny
Nancy Whang & Audiojack: Like An Eagle
M & G: Boogie Tonight
Cowboy Rhythmbox: Rattle
Bok Bok & Tom Trago: Need This
Line Idle: When All My Love Is Too Much To Bear
Dimitri from Paris: French Affair
DJ Shante: Turn Around
Editions Haighton: And The Night Moved On
Hercules: 7 Ways To Jack (Ashley Beedle edit)
Bam Bam: Give It To Me
Erol Alkan: Bang
Erol Alkan: Sub Conscious
Amin Peck: Suicidal (disco mix)
Daphni: Ye Ye
Hot Chip: Flutes (Sacha remix)
Midland: Checkbob
John Thomas: Working Night (Rolando Remix)
Miquel Brown: So Many Men, So Little Time
Brainstorm: Loving Is Really My Game (Dimitri edit)
Man 2 Man meets Man Parrish: Male Stripper
Cristina: Things Fall Apart
Science 2102: Clock Keeps Turning
Nancy Whang and Audiojack: Like An Eagle
Bok Bok and Tom Trago: Need This
Mark E: Khan
Tambien: Quedarte
Steve Poindexter presents Kareem Smith: To The Motherland
Jacques Renault: Got To Believe
JD Twitch and D Jah Clark: Soul On Fire
Jeremy Deller: Voodoo Ray (Optimo remix)
Luke Vibert: Mate Tron
Prince: When Doves Cry
Daft Punk: Burning
Future Four: Into Orbit (Dark Circles remix)
Christian S: The Power Of Now
Gonzales: Never Stop (Erol Alkan rework)
Altern 8: Infiltrate 202 (remix)
Smooth Touch: In My House (Chris Burns's Smooth Retouch)
Ralphi Rosario: You Used To Hold Me
Drumtalk: Time
Caribou: Can't Do Without You
Julio Bashmore: Simple Love
Sparks: Try-outs For The Human Race
Grauzone: Eisbaer (Ilo edit)
LFO: What Is House (LFO remix)
Katzenjammers: Cars