Richard Hell

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20 APR 2012

Richard Hell

  It's hard to pick one grandfather of punk, but at least as much of Richard Hell's DNA courses through that particular world of music and fashion as anyone else's. He and friend Tom Verlaine formed the band 'Television' in 1973 before Hell quit and joined up with Johnny Thunders to form the 'Heartbreakers', which Hell subsequently quit to form the 'Voidoids', which eventually crumbled under the weight of his own heroin addiction. Hell also helped persuade Hilly Kristal at the new CBGB bar on the Bowery in lower Manhattan to let a bunch of noisy bands take up residence, and the music revolution took root. Hell has been clean since 1984 and now writes books and essays and criticism. His new autobiography, 'I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp' (HarperCollins), is out March 12th.

  An Autobiographical Reading by Richard Hell

Friday, April 20, Richard will read at the opening night of Jim Lambie's new poetry club, 'The Poetry Club'. Typically of great Glasgow-style cultural miscegenation, the slot prior to Richard at the club that night will be filled by local "supergroup" 'Correcto' (Paul Thomson of 'Franz Ferdinand' on drums ; Patrick Doyle of 'The Royal We' on bass; Danny Saunders, vocals; and Richard Wright, guitar).

'Wiseblood' 23 April 2012

Monday, April 23, Richard will introduce for the Monorail Film Club at the Glasgow Film Theatre, a movie chosen by Jim, namely John Huston's rendition of Flannery O'Connor's first novel, 'Wise Blood', starring Brad Dourif.

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