So Low

JD Twitch

7 NOV 2014

JD Twitch presents

Last night I did "So Low" a night where I revisited the music I was playing when I very first started djing in 1987. People here hated most of it back then, especially if it had a drum machine (how times change!) and it was a constant battle to get anyone to dance to it. It was so frustrating that I eventually decided dj'ing wasn't for me but then Acid House came along and.....

Quite a lot of what I was playing back then has infiltrated my dj sets over the years, some tracks even becoming Optimo anthems, but I thought it would be fun to do a night that was completely self indulgent where I would only play this music. I also have a lot more of it now and hopefully know how to put it together a little better plus there is now an audience who are infinitely more knowledgeable about it than there was in Edinburgh back in 1987.

And what fun it was! People singing along to The Normal, Throbbing Gristle's "Discipline" not clearing the dancefloor, shrieks of delight for John Bender, requests for records I thought nobody knew. DJ'ing should be self-indulgent sometimes and it is a great privilege to be able to get away with that and to do something purely for the motivation of entertaining oneself with zero expectations, but then finding that there is actually an audience who are equally passionate about it and want to go wild on the dancefloor to it. Thank you to everyone who came along. I'll definitely do it again.

I haven't compiled a set list for years and years but here's everything that was played last night (not in order)

Borsig - Hiroshima
Minimal Man - High Why
Severed Heads - Gashing The Old Mae West
John Bender - 38A1 Cities
The Normal - Warm Leatherette
Bauhaus - Third Uncle
DAF - Kebab Traume
Thomas Leer - Private Plane
P1E - 49 Second Romance
Diseno Corbusier - Golpe De Amistad
Killing Joke - Follow The Leaders
Soft Cell - Memorabilia
Chris & Cosey - Walking Through Heaven
Duet Emmo - The First Person
Antena - The Boy From Ipanema
Martin Rev - Mari
Krisma - Miami
Die Dominas - Die Wespendomina
Holger Hiller - Das Feur
Liaisions Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - Day Breaks, Night Heals
The Klinik - Moving Hands
Jeff & Jane Hudson - Catscan
Pink And Black - Sometimes I Wish
Eric Random - Fade In
Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn
The Sisterhood - Finland Red, Egypt Black
The Normal - TVOD
Robert Rental - Double Heart
Eleven Pond - Watching Trees
Rema Rema - Fond Affections
The Cure - The Walk
Tuxedomoon - No Tears
Hard Corps - Porte-Bonheur
The Invincible Limit - Push
CTI - Dancing Ghosts
DAF - Der Mussolini
Ministry - Over The Shoulder
Nitzer Ebb - Warsaw Ghetto
Suzy Andrews - Teenage Iceage
Chris & Cosey - October Love Song
Neon Judgement - TV Treated
Throbbing Gristle - Discipline (Live In Berlin)
Absolute Body Control - Automatic
Snowy Red - Breakdown
Trisomie 21 - The Last Song
Front 242 - Headhunter (special edit)
Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns
X Mal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus
Xymox - Stranger
Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag
Sisters Of Mercy - Adrenochrome
Colin Potter - Power
Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria
Deo Toy - Love Me Or Leave Me
Colin Potter - York Minster, Side Entrance
Trisomie 21 - La Fete Triste
Robotiko Rejekto - Rejekto
Nini Raviolette - Suis-Je Normale?
A Split Second - Flesh
Comrade Oleau - Tiny Revolutions
Soft Metals - Hot On The Heels Of Love
Joy Division - Disorder
Throbbing Gristle - AB/7A
John Foxx - Underpass
SPK - Metal Dance
Front 242 - Kampfbereit
Revolting Cocks - Attack Ships On Fire
Bauhaus - The Passsion Of Lovers
Carol - So Low
John Bender - 35B1