1st May 2015


“Yes folks, part two of a Friday night double header comes courtesy of my old Alma Mater, Mystex, ambling back from the misty great beyond like some weird funky shade with a clutch of burning tunes in one hand and an empty bottle of Buckfast in the other. Wilba and Spud provide the smiles and the vibe in support of a live set by Dirty Mac, the last B-Boy on Mars – a set which Mystex guarantee will be a special experience.

If the past is any indication of the future, expect dirty nasty beats and a wallop of twisted grooves. Doors open at 9PM down at The Poetry Club at 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow G3, with free entry before 11, but only a very sweet fiver after. Dress casual and dance like you mean it.

Never thought I’d be writing up a listing for Mystex. It’s like a grinning Lazarus in dirty Converse. Excellent. That’s two full on nights this Friday. You’ll get a special award if you make it to both.”

– Pattern Burst (

FinItribe (Live) Hausfrau (Live) & Dj Moggieboy

Friday 5th June 2015

7:30pm – 11:00pm


Some of you might of been out today picking up the fantastic RSD 12′ 101 remixed By Scott Fraser & Tim Fairplay. This show in June heralds the re-release & remastering of the classic Weatherall Sonic Shuffle 101 mix.

Finitribes 2nd live outing in Glasgow since their reformation. A crack’in support slot with 808 State at Glasgow’s ABC was a great way to get back on the Glasgow boards. This will be more of an intimate fans show due to the size of the Poetry Club. Finitribe at the Poetry Club will deliver the performance & atmosphere of yesteryear although just as when they started out this will be bang up to date.

Tickets here

Paraphernalia #9

Friday 24th April 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.07.40

With performances and readings by Gordon Douglas, Alex Rathbone and Richard Taylor. Moving image work by Erik Osberg and Urara Tsuchiya.

£1 Entry / £2.50 drinks

9pm – 2am


Friday MAY 8


A night of hip hop, grime, ambient, experimental and techno featuring

► FREDWAVE (London)
► ARM WATCHES FINGERS b2b PHOENE (a collaborative show) and more to be announced.

2 x 10 minute video project by ► Manon Vila.
Audio recordings by american / scottish spoken word artist ► Black Sifichi.
Art exhibition of VJ / graphic designer ► Joe Crogan.
Video installation by ► James Mc Cann.

Friday May 08, 2015 | The Poetry Club
100 Eastvale Place | Glasgow G3 8QG
8pm – 2am | £5



20-year-old Londoner fredwave doesn’t have the sort of voice that wows with technical bravado. It is earthy, clear in limitations and empowered by the grit and feeling that comes when the singer bumps against the reaches of his range. Pulling influence from grime and some of the UK’s darker electronic corners, the self-produced “Home” is an all-too-brief window into fredwave’s modern, metallic soul music. “Home” fittingly encapsulates contemporary isolation, the distance of a vaguely sketched relationship cast into a song that is in turns eerie, stilted, and oddly warm.

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Glasgow’s Inkke is one of the latest producers to spring forth from the UK’s instrumental grime scene, and this EP is his first official release. That it’s the debut of a producer aiming to make his mark on a burgeoning scene might go some way to explaining its eight-track length, but it’s to Inkke’s credit that Crystal Children doesn’t feel bloated or overwrought.

► listen to :

► THUMP mixed by Inkke for Vice :
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2014 was a break through year for clubnight-cum-label Astral Black, hosting a slew of raucous parties and putting out great records by Inkke and Milktray. A firm supporter of artists native to Glasgow, his current hometown, the next release on Jon Phonics’ Astral Black comes from 20-year old newcomer Dressin Red. We don’t know a great deal about the young producer but the early signs are promising, with the likes of Lucky Me, Gilles Peterson and Soulection all showing support. ‘Head/Body’ is made up of 8 tracks, with the first four contemplative tracks aimed at the ‘head’ and the following quartet of bangers geared squarely at the ‘body’. Built from fractured field recordings, skewed R&B vocals and arresting live instrumentation, his style may be somewhat similar to his beats contemporaries but his versatility and the abundance of ideas on display here really shines through.

► listen to HEAD/BODY (Astral Black) :

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Glasgow producer Arm Watches Fingers released Sensi Cut in october 2014, the latest addition to an exemplary discography, referencing and drawing inspiration from some of the finest in the genre.
Sensi Cut sits firmly somewhere between the cosmic nu-jazz and nature documentary synthetic pan-piping parts of the ‘electronica’ bracket. There’s a shining, defracted, pixelated synth quality to the EP that brings local royalty to the mind, Rustie and HudMo. But the strength of this release comes from a sense of texture, with ethereal moments of quiet cutting through the noise.



P H O E N E is the solo project of french music composer Phoene Somsavath. As a vocalist, Mirage (due out March 9th on Republic of Music) is her latest collaboration with Paris based producer Pierre Lefeuvre aka SAYCET whom she accompanied for several years as a live musician.
Now residing in Glasgow, her own productions evoke some elements of Four Tet or Burial’s ambient.


Aiming to celebrate a broad array of aesthetics and practices, combining the avant-garde, do-it-yourself and experimentation, ELEMNTS is a newly founded platform for art and music in Glasgow.

A collaborative project taking the form of a series of works to promote the role of new media art, socially engaging video and art installation, ELEMNTS will showcase the most cutting-edge visual arts and left field music trends.

We’re happy to announce that we found our home at The Poetry Club, which is a hub for art, music, performance, spoken word and billows of smoke, and will have monthly events in this wonderful and intimate performance space and speakeasy bar, founded by artist Jim Lambie and SWG3.